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What Email Designers Need to Know About iOS 9 

In September 2015, Apple released the latest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 9 and also middle fingure emoji. While many anticipate the yearly arrival of a new operating system (and some shiny new phones). 

 What Email Designers Need to Know About iOS 9

iOS 9 has been a mixed bag for email. Although Mail has added support for a few new CSS properties—and a brand new way to interact with emails—it has also introduced a few changes that are bound to frustrate email designers. So, what can the email world expect from iOS 9?

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 What Email Designers Need to Know About iOS 9

Which iOS9 bugs is headaches for designer?

iOS 9 has a number of bugs that have been causing email designers headaches. On top of the still missing support for the <video> tag,  and displays some rather odd behavior on full-width designs.

1. Zooming and Broken Layouts

if you try to position any content blocks next to each other horizontally, and the sum of their width is bigger than the width of your device’s screen, Apple Mail will now wrap your content blocks below each other. Using the min-width CSS property instead of width. And, while it likely won’t affect email campaigns using more modern, responsive techniques, fixed-width email designs can run into problems with the new zooming feature.

2. Interactive Emails

One of the more frustrating problems for email designers is a bug with the CSS general sibling selector, which is commonly used to build interactive email campaigns. A lot of interactive emails use pseudo classes to check whether or not something has happened in an email and style things appropriately depending on the state. With this bug, though, some email designers will be left scratching their heads when a formerly interactive email is left completely static.

3. The Magical Padding

The most noticeable change to iOS 9 Mail is the addition of some rather magical padding on emails with full-width backgrounds. The oddest part is that there are some reports of the padding disappearing when the iPad is rotated between portrait and landscape modes and back again.

What is ios9 feature good for designer?

Well some iOS9 feature also good for designer here i mention few things that could make email much better. 

1. Responsive Images 

Fianlly iOS 9 now has better support for responsive images in email using the HTML srcset attribute. This allows designers to make reference multiple images for an email campaign and also automatically display the appropriate image for specific device size. There for Now, designers can specify the width of a screen size to trigger the different images, making srcset much more flexible. 
 <img src=”http://example.com/image.jpg” srcset=”http://example.com/image-small.jpg 320w, http://example.com/image-medium.jpg 720w” alt=”responsive FTW” />

2. Advanced CSS Support

You know iOS 9 also includes support some more advanced CSS, it's allowing designers to serve up some new tricks to subscribers on the latest Apple devices.  iOS 9 now supports both the @supports CSS declaration and the awesome backdrop-filter property.

In order to similar media queries, @supports allows you to test certain conditions of an email client and there for you can test whether or not that client supports a specific CSS property and, if it make use of it in an email. This is a nice update for those looking to progressively enhance campaigns all while keeping their code clean and manageable. 

 3. Peeks, Opens, and Good Content

Related to all of the changes to the Mail rendering engine, Apple introduced an entirely new way to interact with your device and, in turn, your emails. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus feature 3D Touch, which adds pressure sensitivity to the latest iPhones. 3D Touch brings along with it two new interactions: peek and pop.

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