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6 Ways to Make More Out of Your Facebook Ad Campaign

It can be hard to learn how to create effective advertising when you first get into social media marketing, but there are some guidelines you can follow for good results. 

That's what you will get here, 6 ways to create a Facebook marketing campaign that will boost your sales and jump start your business. 

6 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign

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1. Don’t Let Facebook Do Your Bidding

If you’re advertising a Facebook Page, Event, or App, and you don’t pay close attention, you might think you’re only option is to let Facebook optimize your ad on a CPM basis. The advanced model allows you to not only set your own CPM bids, but also to switch over to CPC pricing. In other words, Facebook is giving you the option. Don’t let them do your bidding.

2. Promote Your App With Mobile App Install Ads

If you’ve got an app, and you’re advertising on Facebook, you should be taking advantage of Mobile App Install Ads via Sponsored Stories. Facebook is seeing great click-through rates on Sponsored Stories on mobile. And if you can get those clicks on mobile, it only makes sense to get users to download your app. 

3. Make Sure Your Testing is Rigorous

Everyone knows by now — or, at least, they should — that it’s important to test out different creatives to determine what’s most effective. But don’t stop with two versions of your creative. Just because one creative beats another in an A/B test doesn’t mean you’ve optimized your campaign. You’ve got to take the time to look over the data every day and then to test the best performing ad against a new set of creatives.

4. Take Advantage of  Facebook’s New Ad Exchange, FBX

If you’re only running traditional Facebook campaigns, you’re missing out on one of the biggest developments in display advertising in years. Last September, Facebook invaded Google’s turf by launching its own ad exchange, known as FBX. Early reports suggest that campaigns running on FBX are producing jaw-dropping ROIs.

To take advantage of FBX, you have to come to the table with your own data and work with one of the handful handful of DSPs that Facebook has invited into FBX. Once you’ve found your vendor, a good first step it take your existing retargeting programs and extend them to FBX.

5. Don’t Let the Limitations of FBX Slow You Down

Just because Facebook isn’t supplying the data, doesn’t mean you can’t target with precision. Sometimes FBX just requires a quick workaround. Take Geo-targeting for example: FBX doesn’t come with built-in geo-targeting options, but partner platforms can work around this by leveraging an individual’s last known geo-location.

6. Take FBX to the Extreme with Search Retargeting

Three months after Facebook launched FBX, it partnered with my company, Chango, to bring Search Retargeting to the exchange. That means that you can now target your impressions to Facebook users based on the searches they’ve made on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. In other words, the intent signal that makes search marketing so insanely effective is now working its magic on Facebook.

Just follow these six tips and you’ll be on your way to a great Facebook campaign.

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