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Google Updates its logo-and we love it!

Google revealed its new logo today and a small video to showcase its evolution till now. The idea behind it is quite simple yet brilliant. 

Google Updates its logo-and we love it!

They used an animated logo for the first time. Other than that, they have changed the font from a serif one to one that is sans serif, called Product sans which is actually Google’s own creation. The best feature about this logo is perhaps that it is not static. 

Google Updates its logo-and we love it!

When Google is called to action, the letters of “Google” transform into a series of four dots that morph and orbit with life.

So when you initiate a voice search the logo will morph into four dots which will wobble in anticipation of your query and then as you begin to speak, the dots will morph to an equalizer reacting to the sound of your voice. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

A smaller version of the logo has also been launched for smaller screens. It’s just a ‘G’ with colours of the four dots.

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